5 Tools to Grow Your Pinterest Account Automatically

Pinterest is a visual search engine that should be a part of every bloggers traffic strategy and there are a lot of tools that can help you manage your Pinterest marketing strategy.

In this post, I’ve listed a few of my favorite Pinterest tools and how you can use them. These tools and plugins will help you build your Pinterest followers, make your content easier for people add to Pinterest, and help you pin more consistently.


MiloTree adds an unobtrusive popup to your website to encourage people to follow a social account, view a video, or sign up for your email list. It can help you with getting followers on Pinterest as well as any of these other actions.

MiloTree works with any website with a simple code you add to your website’s header, but also has a WordPress plugin. You’ll get access to your personal copy of the plugin after you sign up.


TastyPins is a plugin for WordPress that adds functionality for Pinterest descriptions and adding extra hidden Pinterest images. It’s also recently been updated to help you get more repins from blog visitors as well.

This plugin is great because it allows you to set the Pinterest description in the tags made specifically for Pinterest rather than using the alt text for images. That way, you can keep using the alt text for what it’s meant to be used for (an accessibility tag describing what the image looks like) and still have a Pinterest-ready description available, appeasing both Pinterest and Google.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

You probably already have some social media buttons on your site, so make sure you have Pinterest enabled on them.

If you are looking for some good plugins to use for your social media buttons, try one of these options. You can find each one in the WordPress Plugin Directory from your WordPress dashboard.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a popular WordPress plugin for social media sharing buttons. It adds both inline and floating buttons for many popular social networks and has a pro version that adds some extra features to include a hidden pin image and a default description for your pins.

Social Pug

Social Pug is a lightweight, simple social sharing plugin that pretty much works the same as Social Warfare. It also connects to a few of the more popular social networks, which makes it great for blogs that cater to a more mainstream audience.

If you’ve been having issues with Social Warfare, try this plugin instead since they’re similar. Most of the pro features are the same as well. The only real difference is that Click-to-Tweet is available only on the pro plan.

Sassy Social Sharing

Sassy Social Sharing is another social sharing plugin that you can use if you’re interested in offering more network options for people to share to. Most bloggers won’t need all the extra networks, but you might need something other than “the big 3” (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) depending on your demographic.

Share Link Generator

This tool creates text links for your social messages that you can share anywhere. My favorite use for it is to include share links in my email newsletters. That way people can share a preset message right from their inbox. It’s gotten me some extra shares on blog posts real easily.

All you have to do is fill out the form on sharelinkgenerator.com and copy and paste the generated link (or embed code for HTML).

Note that Facebook doesn’t allow people to create pre-written posts for sharing, so you can only create a link to open the Facebook share page. For Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and emails, you can provide a pre-written post for people to share.

Pinterest Schedulers

Pinterest schedulers allow you to set up your Pinterest posts in advance and the service will drip out each pins on a set schedule. This will help grow your account because it will always be active. Consistent pinning helps with gathering views and followers because posting more = more chances to be seen.

Native Pinterest Scheduling

Pinterest now has a scheduling system built right into the platform. It’s not as robust as third party tools, but if you prefer to pin only with official Pinterest tools, it can get the job done.

With Pinterest’s in-house scheduler you can schedule up to 30 pins up to 21 days in advance. It’s not much, but it can help you out if you know you need to be away from Pinterest for a while and you don’t want to use another Pinterest scheduler.


SmarterQueue is an all-in-one social media scheduler that focuses on creating an evergreen content schedule. You can set descriptions and images in advance and SmarterQueue will cycle through them automatically. Pretty awesome!

It’s also really good for content curation. You can set your favorite sources from other bloggers with Pinterest-friendly content and then use them to create new pins. Then you don’t have to worry about accidentally repinning spammy pins or pins that lead to the wrong link.


Tailwind is the most popular Pinterest scheduling app and not without reason. Though it has support for Instagram as well, Tailwind is the only approved marketing partner that is focused so closely on Pinterest scheduling. It has a couple unique-to-Pinterest-scheduling features that make it outshine the other scheduling options out there.

Tailwind Tribes

Tribes are basically groups of other Pinterest users who share each others content to their own Pinterest accounts through Tailwind. The best tribes to join are those that are focused on the same topics you pin about. That gives your content a better chance at being shared by the other members.

If you’re struggling to find content from your people to share on your Pinterest account, Tribes are a great way to fill that gap as well.

Tailwind SmartLoop

SmartLoop allows you to put your best Pinterest content on loop, automatically scheduling it to go out periodically. What makes it “Smart” is that through the Tailwind platform it’s able to determine the best time to send out content and make sure you’re not scheduling too much of the same stuff to go out to the same boards too often.

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