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How people really make money with their blogs

Can you really make money with a blog? Absolutely. But here’s the thing… Having a blog doesn’t make you money. Whaaaaaaat? Yes, I said it. This is the number one mistake people make when they get into blogging. They create a blog on and start writing about whatever, thenRead More

Everything you need to start a successful blog

That feel when you set out to write a quick post on how to start a blog and instead write an over 7,500 word ultimate guide to start a successful blog. ? I should probably break this up into several different posts but you know what… I’m gonna leave itRead More

60+ Links for Email Marketing Newbies

60+ Links for Email Marketing Newbies

Have you started your email list yet? Email marketing is a necessity in the online world if you want to be able to connect and build relationships with your audience. Your email list is not only a tool to help you get traffic to new (and old) blog posts, presentRead More

Blogging Tips and Advice for New Bloggers

You’ve probably done what we’ve all done before. You Googled “how to start a blog”, clicked on the first link, and thought you’d be good to go after 10 minutes of setup. I’ll be honest with you. I’m not sure how people can write a guide like that and thinkRead More

Grab this list of 135+ awesome tools

I’ve put together a database of the best tools for content creators just like you! Each tool is carefully categorized so you can skip straight to what you need to add to your business. Just tell me where to send it!

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