8 Premium Sources for Monthly Done-For-You PLR Articles

8 Premium Sources for Monthly Done-For-You PLR Articles

Having a PLR subscription is like having your own team of writers behind you. All you have to do is edit it to make it fit your unique voice, add your own branding, and release your new post or product. Kind of like buying wholesale and selling at retail, but with content.

Buying separate packs can be expensive, but luckily a lot of PLR sellers have membership subscriptions that make it much more affordable to get tons of content each month for several popular niches. Health, wealth, and self improvement are topics that fit nicely within a lot of different blogs, even if they aren’t specifically health, wealth, or self improvement blogs.

Uses for your subscription

  • Create a membership site or resource library
  • Use in email newsletters
  • Provide free downloads for your audience
  • Create videos or webinars
  • Edit for blog posts when you’re short on time
  • Use as a part of your online course
  • Add as a tripwire or bonus for purchases

PLR Content Memberships

PLR sellers often have monthly memberships, giving you some amount of PLR content packages for a monthly fee. In many cases these are amazing deals. I love the memberships at Piggy Makes Bank. They’re a great deal for the amazing amount of content you get.

I’ll keep this list updated as I discover new PLR dealers or new opportunities pop up. I’ve also included links to the free content available at each site so you can try it out before making a purchase. The free content is also usable as PLR, so you can use it to create content for your own brand.

💡 Please note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you sign up and/or make a purchase, I receive a commission or bonus or referring you at no extra cost to you.


Use your download credits to download any 1 or 2 point products

PLR.me is the ultimate subscription service for done for you, PLR content. With a membership, you receive credits that you can spend on downloads from the site. With this method, you’ll always get content that you want rather than spend a month on something you might not use. You can also buy credits to download without having a subscription, but you get the best value with the subscription, plus some extra training and tools.

There’s also a free version of this membership. You receive 2 credits you can use each month just for having an account on PLR.me. You must use those 2 credits every month to take advantage of them as they don’t roll over to the next month. So you can download 1 Action Guide or Fable or 2 articles, checklists, affirmations, wallpapers, or worksheets for free each month.

White Label Perks

White Label Perks specializes in Online Business and Personal Development topics, including journaling and adult coloring books. They have one of the best PLR memberships when it comes to value and cost per month.

Piggy Makes Bank

Piggy Makes Bank has amazing monthly memberships for business and personal development, giving you 30 days of content, an ebook, and journal or workbook pages for each, plus 30 emails and social media posts.

They also have Mini memberships for business, health, and personal development with 5 articles, emails, social media posts, and images in each pack. Mini memberships include exclusive content that won’t be sold anywhere else for 12 months, so it’s actually worth having both All Access and Mini memberships.

30 Days of Content Memberships

Mini Memberships

List Magnets

List Magnets has a lifetime membership or the option to purchase download credits that you can use as you need them or new products are released that you want. I really like the download credit option cause that way, I’ve been able to download the packages that I want rather than spend money on packages I may not ever use.

Download credits on List Magnets do not expire carry over to the next month. You can purchase them per month or get a years worth (24 credits) in one payment.

All Private Label Content

APLC has several memberships available for different categories of content. They also have a membership for resell rights to their content, so you can start your own PLR business or use it for client work.


KitchenBloggers is a go-to PLR resource for food, health and wellness, and lifestyle bloggers. They have an all-access pass and a monthly membership that includes 8 recipes per month.

Master PLR

Master PLR deals exclusively in health and wellness PLR. They have tons and tons of article packages available, as well as full website kits.

Their monthly membership package includes 10 articles, 10 social media graphics, an eBook made from the articles, and an infographic.

PLR Pump

PLR Pump has lots of health and wellness packages available, with a monthly membership program that also gives you a hefty discount on content released during previous months.

  • PLR Pump Membership – 2 packages of health and wellness, wealth, or fitness content every month, plus 70% off past bundle packages.

What are your thoughts?

Do you use PLR in your content creation process?

Are you a member of any of these awesome services?

Let us know your experience in the comments!

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