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Why Photoshop is Great for Bloggers but Not Always the Best Tool

Photoshop is a well-rounded program with tons of functionality. You can edit your photos, create social media graphics, or even splice together video. And that’s only a few things.
However, its many features are often why it’s so overwhelming to get started. Some people feel like because it’s a “professional program”, they have no business touching it, but I think Photoshop is actually a great place to start for bloggers.
Here’s a few reasons why:

  • There’s tons and tons and tons of Photoshop templates available to use to create graphics or to study how to make your own
  • Many of the tools in Photoshop work in similar ways as they do in other programs
  • Even some free design tools clearly use Photoshop as inspiration
  • It’s actually easy to learn once you know what to focus on rather than trying to learn everything at once

Photoshop Usage Quick Links

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How Bloggers Can Use Photoshop

I mentioned before that Photoshop is well-rounded. It can do pretty much anything, including allowing you to ride a unicorn in space while juggling.. idk, ducks. Is that even a humane thing to do? Probably not. Good thing it’s Photoshopped and not real!
My point is, when it comes to image editing, Photoshop is awesome. Everyone knows that. Unfortunately it’s got this rep of being able to do pretty much anything, since you know… it CAN. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best at all these things.
Yes, that means there are some things you might want to make but should open up some program other than Photoshop. So let me go over when you should and shouldn’t be firing up the ol’ Photoshop machine.

Things You Can Use Photoshop For

  • Editing photos – such as skin touch ups or changing lighting or colors
  • REALLY editing photos – turn them into some completely new by adding, removing, or painting in new elements
  • Creating simple vector graphics that you’ll use on the web
  • Designing for the web
  • Create & edit videos and animations
  • Create, edit, and texture 3D objects

It’s great for all the things we do as bloggers like create social media images, edit blog photos, and create downloadables to attract email subscribers. And for some of us, we’d like to be able to offer these services to others and create a business out of it.
Just because you CAN do these things, it’s not the best idea for all of them. Here’s some things you shouldn’t be using Photoshop to create:

What you SHOULDN’T use Photoshop to create

  • Printed items – such as checklists, ebooks, patterns, workbooks, planner pages, etc. (photos are the exception)
  • PDFs
  • Magazines
  • Business cards
  • Logos

All of these things are better created in Illustrator (logos, business cards, patterns and some other printables) or InDesign (printables, PDFs, and magazines). That’s because these things are usually made with vector graphics so they can be printed at any size and still look great. Photoshop creates raster graphics. This means it’s great for web images and photography but not so great for large scale print projects.
Fortunately, most of us are creating things for the web or consumer printers rather than shipping off documents to a printer to create a billboard, so Photoshop will work fine for most things.
You’ll also probably come across a few templates for these items that are Photoshop files. That’s why it’s handy to have some knowledge of Photoshop even if you choose to focus on other programs like Illustrator or InDesign.

Give Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign a Try!

You can download a free trial of any Creative Cloud app right here.
Stay tuned to Blog + Create for design tutorials tailored just for bloggers.

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