6 Official Pinterest Marketing Partners to Safely Schedule Your Pins

6 Official Pinterest Marketing Partners to Safely Schedule Your Pins

6 Official Pinterest Marketing Partners to Safely Schedule Your Pins 1

Using an officially endorsed partner is one way to make sure your social media scheduling efforts are done in a way that’s approved by the platform. The last thing you want is to pour money into a tool only to have it shut down later on or worse, your account is closed or banned from using the platform. You wouldn’t want that kind of embarrassment when you’re using social media in your business.

One way to avoid this is by using tools that are officially approved for managing your marketing accounts. Right now I want to focus on approved Pinterest Marketing Partners, but I’m also working on a guide for approved Instagram Marketing Partners.

Officially approved Pinterest scheduling tools

Why use a Pinterest Marketing Partner

Tools that require your password to sign in are breaking Pinterest Terms of Service (ToS). As we saw with BoardBooster in June 2018 (RIP!) Pinterest isn’t afraid of shutting down a tool that breaks their ToS, no matter how popular it is.

If you use a tool that’s logging into your account for you, you run the risk the so many BoardBooster users took who were then scrambling to either start pinning manually or find another scheduling tool.

Fortunately, there are several approved Pinterest scheduling tools available now. Some you’ve probably already heard of, like Tailwind or Buffer, and others that you might not have known exist, like Viraltag.

How to find Pinterest Marketing Partners

Pinterest makes it easy with a large directory of approved tools. As a blogger or small business entrepreneur, I’ve found the best way to find tools that fit my needs is to change the Speciality to Content Marketing. You can find a list of affordable Pinterest scheduling tools for solopreneurs at the end of this post.

The list of approved partners is constantly changing. Rather than waiting around for me to update this blog post here, you can visit the Market Partners search page on Pinterest and check for the tool you’d like to use.

Official partners also have a badge they can display on their website. Always check the Pinterest site first though because let’s be honest, anyone can take a graphic and place it on their website, and unscrupulous websites aren’t going to care about tricking people with a fake badge. (Not that I’ve seen anyone do this buuuuut, it’s a possibility.)

Stay away from tools promoting social actions

The worst Pinterest tools to use are ones that require your password to function. They often offer services like auto following/unfollowing, liking, or commenting. Some of these are actions you can’t perform over the Pinterest API, so they’re an excellent indicator of an unapproved tool.

These sort of actions don’t really get the results you think you’ll get anyway. Since Pinterest is a search engine first, then a social platform, doing things like following or commenting aren’t central to the platform or to your success. Good tools will instead focus on scheduling your content out to your boards or helping you find content to pin.

6 Pinterest scheduling tools for content marketing and small businesses

Phew! Now that all that is out of the way, let’s take a look at the main reason why you’re probably here, the list of affordable Pinterest scheduling tools. To qualify for this list, a tool had to meet the following criteria:

  • Be available for $30 or less per month
  • Have a free trial or free plan
  • Be an approved Pinterest Marketing Partner

You can also get a special deal for three of these tools if you sign up for a new account


Cost: $10 per month
Other networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn
Free version: Yes, but without Pinterest support
Trial terms: 7-14 days free

Since Buffer is simple and easy to use, it’s a favorite for many bloggers who schedule their social media posts.

Lots of people swear my Buffer, but personally I couldn’t get into it. It’s really great for non-Pinterest networks and if you only schedule a few Pinterest posts per day, but previously I was one of those people who did around 50-70 Pins per day, so it wasn’t really a good option for me.

With the way Pinterest works now, allowing you to post much less than this and still be able to get good results, Buffer is a much more viable option for Pinterest use.


Cost: $45 per month, $29 per month annually
Other networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn
Free version: Yes, 30 posts scheduled at a time
Trial terms: 30 days free, credit card required

I almost didn’t include Hootsuite since technically its monthly price is $45, but since the yearly subscription puts it at $29 and there’s also a free version, I went ahead and left it in. Hootsuite is one of the only scheduling tools that allows you to schedule Pinterest on their free plan.

I do really like the different apps and services that work directly inside Hootsuite to help you create and source content to schedule. I can connect multiple tools and services and schedule out from one place.

I haven’t used Hootsuite much myself since right now I mostly focus on Pinterest and there are cheaper options out there, but I know Hootsuite has been a favorite among bloggers for longer than I’ve been into commercial blogging.


Cost: $9 per month, $7.50 per month annually (more plans available)
Other networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Free version: Yes, 30 posts per month
Trial terms: Forever free plan in lieu of official trial

Later is the only other Pinterest approved Marketing Partner that allows you to schedule pins for free. If you stack this with a Hootsuite account, that gets you about 2 free scheduled pins every day each month (maybe try splitting it up for that 31st day). Not much, but it’s better than nothing.

Later is a first and foremost an Instagram scheduler, but can also schedule Facebook, Twitter – and why it’s on this list in the first place – Pinterest.

Special Deal: Sign up for Later with this link and you can get an extra 10 monthly posts.


Cost: $19 per month
Other networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Free version: No
Trial terms: 14 days free, extend to 30 days with this link

SmarterQueue is one of my favorite social media schedulers because it’s focused on recycling content and providing that service at an affordable price.

What I think makes this service so unique and worth trying is that you can create multiple descriptions for one piece of content at once and SmarterQueue will automatically cycle through them. With Pinterest’s new focus on keeping content fresh, I think this is something that could be a good addition to your Pinterest strategy, stacked with Tailwind’s SmartLoop.

I’m going to be giving SmarterQueue a spin with Tailwind once I really get this blog up and running and if it goes well, I’ll have a post on my findings and how to set it up to work efficiently.

Special Deal: Try SmarterQueue for an extra 16 days through this link (new accounts only).


Cost: $15 per month, $10 per month annually
Other networks: Instagram, Facebook (kinda)
Free version: Yes, but without scheduling
Trial terms: 100 Pins and 30 Instagram posts, get $15 free with this link

Tailwind is probably the best Pinterest scheduler out there. I’ve seen several people wondering if people only promote Tailwind because they’re an affiliate, but I can tell you and truly mean it that Tailwind really is worth it.

This will probably be the largest section of this post just because I’ve been using it for about 2 years, so I have a lot of experience with it. Why? Because it saves me so much time.

Every single tool on this list will save you time, but with the way that Tailwind is set up and because it started out as a Pinterest specific tool, it’s the most efficient in terms of how YOU share content and providing you with a way for other people to share your content. No other tool has this on the same level Tailwind does.

Another thing I like about Tailwind is that they work closely with Pinterest and often share what they learn as new features come out – both on Pinterest itself and for Tailwind. Even if you never use the service yourself, following the Tailwind blog is a must to keep up with best practices for Pinterest.

I marked that Tailwind “kinda” works with Facebook. It’s not a true 100% integration, but you can have Tailwind post stuff you pin to your Facebook page as well.

Tailwind pricing

Tailwind pricing can get confusing since they charge separately for each new feature they add over time. It can get a bit pricey if you want to make use of everything. Fortunately, they’ve just released their Unlimited Everything plan which for $39 per month (paid yearly), you get unlimited schedule Pins, unlimited tribes and tribes posts, and unlimited SmartLoop posts.

Even without the unlimited plan, the vanilla monthly or annual plans provide you with a wide range of features. Both plans include 10 posts monthly to 5 tribes and 250 SmartLoop posts with up to 400 pins per month on the monthly plan or unlimited pins on the annual plan.

You can connect any number of Pinterest and Instagram accounts to your Tailwind account, so you can manage multiple social media accounts form one Tailwind account.

Special Deal: You can try Tailwind for an extra 30 days if you sign up with this link (new accounts only). This gives you a $15 credit that you can use to get your first month free, or you can use it to get $15 off the annual plan.


Cost: $29 per month
Other networks: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn
Free plan: No, but a special blogger plan for 3-6 months free is available
Trial terms: 14 days free

ViralTag is another multinetwork social media scheduler, but it has a few more features that are good for Pinterest. Like Tailwind, ViralTag has a browser extension that allows you to hover over photos and schedule content with the click of a button.

Unlike most other options, ViralTag also lets you schedule an unlimited amount of Pins on any paid plan, whether yearly or monthly. With its wide variety of available networks, ViralTag is a good option if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your social media scheduling needs.

Recap: Approved Pinterest scheduling tools

Let’s recap all your options here first, then I’ll give my recommendations for schedulers based on features, value, and free scheduling.

Pinterest schedulers with the best features

I personally recommend Tailwind as the best Pinterest scheduler out there. Nothing beats its wealth of features and analytics, but it is limited to just Pinterest and Instagram. Since this is ultimately a post about Pinterest schedulers, that’s the best choice out of all of these.

I also recommend SmarterQueue for its ability to automatically shuffle descriptions and images. So far, no other tool has this. With how Pinterest is focusing on fresh content right now, this is a really useful feature. I hope other tools get this functionality, too. It’s also great for those looking for a more all-in-one social media scheduler with a great price.

Pinterest schedulers with the best value

For a scheduler that’s more than just Pinterest so you can get the most bang for your buck, SmarterQueue or ViralTag might be a better fit for you. SmarterQueue is the most attractive in the long term value, but ViralTag’s Blogger Plan is a short term money saver.

Free Pinterest schedulers

If you’re just starting out and want something you can use totally free, Later, Hootsuite, and Pinterest’s in-house scheduler are great options for beginners. Due to their limitations, you’ll eventually want to upgrade to something that will allow you to schedule more Pins over more time.

Tell us about your experience with schedulers

Do you use a Pinterest scheduler?

How has scheduling with Pinterest helped you grow your blog or business?

Let us know in the comments!

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