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How to Launch Your Blog – Successful Blogging Part 4

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This post is Part 4 of a five-part series on creating a successful blog:

Successful Blogging for Beginners Introduction
Part 1: Discovery – What to Do Before Starting Your Blog
Part 2: Education – What to Learn While Creating Your Blog
Part 3: Creation – What to Do to Create Your Blog
Part 4: Launch – You’re here!
Part 5: Growth – How to Grow Your Blog

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Launch: How to Launch Your Blog

The launch period is much like a “grand opening” for your blog. Your content isn’t available yet, but you’re building up hype for its release. Some bloggers even have virtual or real life parties celebrating the launch of a new blog.

You can move into the launch phase at a time when you’re sure you can have your blog ready by a certain date, though some people advise picking a date even before you feel like you’re sure. Sometimes creating a concrete deadline for yourself is the only way you really get moving.

Learn how to launch your blog the right way | Blogging Tips | Blogging for Beginners

Pick a date and stick to it

Choose a date for your launch that will work for you. A good guideline is about a month, but depending on how much time you have, or don’t have, you may want to adjust.

Stick to the date you’ve given for your launch. Tell everyone about it. Write it down on social media, and on your coming soon page. This way you can’t back out of it.

Promote your coming soon page

Your lead magnet is going to make your coming soon page a star. You’re going to want to tell people that if they sign up at your launch page, they can download something that will be useful to them. You’ll be building your email list and creating a source of traffic that will be there for you when you launch.

Add your URL to your social media profiles, you email signature, and anywhere else you can think of where people might see it. Don’t be shy! You can even add a little blurb.

For example, if you’re starting a vegan based blog and your lead magnet is a list of easy recipes, your blurb could be “download these 5 easy-to-make vegan recipes.”It doesn’t have to e

It doesn’t have to be a huge write-up, but it should be descriptive. People should know what to expect when they click your link. Without the blurb, other vegans might pass over your link entirely. But with it, you’ve shown them that your link directly addresses their interests and offers them something they can use.

Build your audience

So, you might be wondering just HOW you can promote your lead magnet when you have no traffic at all, and no posts in the open to earn you the traffic you need, anyway. Well, this is the time when you want to leverage other blogs, podcasts, websites, and social media.

Do interviews & guest posts

Look for other blogs or podcasts in your niche and contact the owner(s) to see if you can set up a post or interview. Pitch a concept that you can teach their audience about. Remember to mention that you’re starting a new blog, where your blog can be found, and that you’ve got a freebie that they can download for subscribing to your email list.

Build hype through social media

Keep your accounts active through content you share from others. Start growing your Pinterest account by pinning relevant articles into the appropriate boards. Join group boards and add pins as a way to build followers.

Join and participate in Facebook groups for bloggers. Ask questions if you need to. Mingle with all the other bloggers in different groups.

One of my favorite groups is Blog + Biz BFFs run by Melyssa Griffin (check out her blog too!). This group has over 43,000 people of all different stages of experience. Not only is Melyssa really great and knowledgeable, so are people in her group. Do check it out!

A lot of groups allow you to post your link in certain threads specifically for promoting your blog or social media accounts/posts. Tell people what you blog will be about and what your free gift is. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get tons of people right away. It really is a hustle! Just keep posting in relevant threads as time goes on.

Hold a giveaway

A giveaway is a great way to bring attention to your new blog. You can time it so that your giveaway ends on the same day you open your blog. If you’re planning to spend money on ads, this might be a better way to spend your money at first. Make sure it’s something that makes sense in relation to your niche.

You can promote your giveaway at Giveaway Promotion for as little as $5. They offer several upgrades you can purchase to get your giveaway seen by thousands of people. It’s also great to find giveaways you want to join for yourself, lol.

A few other things you can do

  • Tell friends and family
  • Partner with other bloggers
  • Purchase ads

Finish your initial posts

Finish writing all the posts you want up for your launch. Remember to have a post ready in each category. It’s better to have something there for those who click on your categories from your site navigation.Make sure they all have proper SEO.

Don’t forget to make sure all your posts have proper SEO.

Check that all links are working correctly

Make sure all your links are working and linking to the correct pages. The last thing you want is broken pages, a bad link to another blog, or that wrong link entire.

Launch your blog!

Congratulations! It’s finally time! If you’ve done your rounds you should have a few (or maybe a lot of) subscribers to send an announcement email to. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t. If I’m honest with you, I didn’t have many myself. But now you’re here and you’re reading this and it’s great, right!? We all have to start somewhere.

Remember, sometimes you can plan and plan and plan and still have issues before, during, or after your launch. It’s normal to have issues, even when we try to plan for them. Just work through them and hopefully, nothing out of your control happens when launch day comes.

If it does, send an email out to your list letting them know what’s going on. Yet another benefit of having an email list!

Up Next: How to Grow Your Blog

The next part is the last part of the series. It will tell you what you need to do after launching your blog to keep it growing. Don’t forget that if you don’t want to wait a week, you can view all the information in the free Successful Blogging for Beginners e-Course.

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