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5 Places to find keywords on Pinterest

Where to Find Keywords on Pinterest

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5 Places Find Pinterest Keywords

Using keywords on Pinterest is important because they make it possible for people to find your pins when they search and they help Pinterest understand your content so it can recommend your pins in home feeds and with related pins.

Below are 5 different Pinterest features you can use to find keywords to use in board names, board descriptions, and pin descriptions.

Pinterest Search bar

The first place to look is the search bar. As you type in the search bar, it starts to fill in suggestions based on what other people have searched for. You get 5 suggestions on desktop and 8 on mobile.

Once you complete your search, you’ll see the next way you can find keywords, Guided Search.

Guided Search

The bar above all the search results is called Guided Search you can click on these words to branch off into different search terms people use that relate to your original search. Using these words, you can create different combinations of keywords to use in board names or descriptions.

Related Search Suggestions

The next way to find keywords is also right in your search results. You’ll have to scroll down for a bit, but you’ll find a section called Searches to try. These are suggestions for related searches Pinterest thinks you could try out.

You can also find sections like this in the “More like this” section underneath close ups of individual pins and also on boards from regular, non-business Pinterest accounts.

Your Pinterest Boards

The next place to look is right in your own pin boards. Click the “more ideas” tab and in front of all your pins will be a section where Pinterest will suggest some search terms that relate to the pins you have inside that board.

You can also take a look at boards other people have created that also contain similar pins.

The Pinterest Ads Manager

The last place I want to show you is the Pinterest Ads Manager. Visit the Ads Manager and pretend like you’re creating a campaign. Once you’re on the Add more details page, scroll down to the Keywords section. Enter something in the search bar and it will give you suggestions based on what people search for.

Clicking the plus icon to add an item to the keyword list on the left will also help you see how many people interact with content related to that keyword each month. You won’t receive this exact amount of views just by targeting this keyword, but it can give you an idea of how popular a certain topic or keyword is on Pinterest.

Where to Use Your Keywords

Once you have keywords, here are a few places where you can use them:

  • Profile display name
  • Board names
  • Board descriptions
  • Pin titles
  • Pin descriptions
  • Social or meta descriptions on your website

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