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You WANT People to Unsubscribe From Your List

March 31, 2022

Find out why you actually want people to unsubscribe from your list, even though you've worked so hard to build up your numbers.

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What do I mean you want people to unsubscribe from your list? You’ve worked SO HARD to build up a list of 100, 1,000, or 10,000 people! Why would you ever want anyone to leave?

Okay, I know. Big numbers are exciting. But that doesn’t necessarily equal success. You know what’s MORE exciting and successful? High engagement and conversion rates. Keeping a list full of people who have no interest in you or your products and services isn’t helping them and it’s not helping you. Remember, you want your blog to be as relatable and helpful as possible!

Here’s 3 reasons why you should feel better about people unsubscribing from your email list.

You want engaged readers (who are willing to buy)

Your email list isn’t all about how large the list is. It’s about how many people take you up on whatever it is that you’re offering. Be it driving traffic to your posts, enrollment in your courses, or sales of your products.

If someone wants to unsubscribe, they’re probably not interested in your offer. Unless you’re sending a million emails a week and they’re not very useful, the ones who want to be there are going to stay. These people have signed up to hear what you have to say. They are the ones who are going to visit your site, enroll in your course, or by your product. That’s the goal of your list.

Keep Your End Goal in Mind

You don’t need the people who don’t fit the goal. They’re not going to help you, and you’re already not helping them. Why would you want to imprison them in your email list?

Accept that some people are going to grab your opt-in and be done. Maybe they didn’t like it. Maybe they only needed that one thing. And moved on. Either way, they’re probably not coming back. Let them go and focus your efforts on the people who DO need your help.

You’re paying per subscriber

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you, remember that you’re paying to use your email service provider. In most cases, it’s per email or per person. Every person you email who isn’t interested in your content is costing you money. Chances are that you’re never going to make that investment back from them.

Granted, depending on the cost of your service, is a small amount of money. But if you build up a list of 1,001 people and 100 of them are potential unsubscribers, that could be the difference between paying $29 a month and $49 a month (with ConvertKit).

You need the confidence to keep emailing your list

If you have an engaging list that interacts with you or content every time you send an email, you’re going to feel a lot better about sending out those emails, right? You’re going to feel like you’re actually connecting with people, which is what you’re trying to do. No one wants to email their list and receive NO response. Why send emails if no one is going to follow the link you sent? Or even worse, they just ignore the email altogether.

Quality, not Quantity

If few people are engaging, you’re left wondering what you’re doing wrong. Why are you paying monthly to even send out emails? WHY DON’T PEOPLE LIKE ME?

Okay maybe a little less on that last one but you get the point. More engagement = happy readers = happy you.

Say BYE BYE to unsubscribers

Are you ready to say GOODBYE to those unsubscribed users? They may be gone from your list, but I know just the thought that someone left your list weighs heavy on many of you. Don’t worry about it! So you lose a few people. You’ll gain tons more who actually care about what you talk about. The same applies to your social media unfollowers.

Just let them go! You don’t need them! Just keep on being your amazing self. You’ll naturally attract the right kind of people.

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