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The Ultimate List of Stock Photo Websites

March 31, 2022

Free and paid stock photo resources for bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Features shops with styled stock, multicultural stock, and royalty free stock.

💡 This post contains affiliate links. This means that I’ll receive a bonus or commission when you make a purchase after clicking on a link to one of my recommendations. Don’t worry, this is done at no extra cost to you.

Let’s talk stock! We’ve all found ourselves on some kind of stock photo website sometime or another. Maybe just to find some gorgeous styled stock for your next Instagram post.

Or maybe it was to laugh at hilarious photo shoots surely no one would have a real use for with your friends.

Seriously, have you SEEN some of the stuff on the “weird parts” of Shutterstock? Anyway…

Stock photography is a brilliant way to get the nice crisp image you need when you just can’t do it yourself or don’t have the time to. There’s lots of free resources these days as well as paid ones, which I’ve compiled a list of below.

How to Download Stock Photos the Right Way

Before I get to the list, I do want to go over a few warnings about photos on the internet and making sure you have the correct licensing. Follow these tips to keep yourself in the legal side of things and to protect yourself should anyone question your source.

Never use Google image search as a source. There’s too many factors in play to be absolutely sure a photo is freely available.

Pay Attention to Licensing

Look for terms such as “royalty free”, public domain, and CC0 (Creative Commons Zero).

Royalty free is usually for paid photos, meaning you pay for them once rather than paying for each view of the photo.

CC0 is for photos released under a special do-anything-you-want (within reason) license.

Most websites also prohibit use of photos on websites promoting hate speech or that are pornographic in nature. Pretty basic stuff there.

Be sure to check the license page for each website just to note their individual terms.

Take This Extra Step

You also may want to screen shot or record yourself downloading photos so you have proof that the source of your photos listed them as free. This isn’t a loop hole to say you can use any photo you want for free, but may aide in protecting yourself against photographers who target bloggers.

This is a great reason to purchase from fellow bloggers when you can rather than just download free images.

Okay, enough of the heavy stuff, let’s do something fun now. Here’s the list!

Over 90 sources for stock photos – free, styled, multicultural – you name it! Find where to download now.
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Websites with Stock Photos

Styled Stock Shops – 24

This is a great place to look if you need photos styled up in flat lays or other ways that are popular with bloggers. Many of these store owners are bloggers as well.

You can actually find some great deals here. Some shops have monthly unlimited download memberships that you should definitely check out.

If you’re looking for free photos, these stores often have either free one time download or free monthly downloads available as a thank you for signing up up for their mailing list.

I’d love to add your stock shop as well! Please comment with the URL to your store or send it to me through my contact form.

Ivory Mix

Color U Bold

Haute Chocolate

Turquoise & Palm

Creative Convex

SC Stock Shop

Create Her Stock


Dear Miss Modern

Rosemary Waston Productions

Place of My Taste

White Hart Design Co

Studio Chic Designs

Blue Print Society

Her Creative Studio

Made by Kasia

Miss Poppy Design

Carmen Creative

Say Hello Photography


Jenna Redfield Designs

Styled Stock Society


Free Stock Photo Posts by Bloggers – 7

Show some fellow bloggers some love and receive some free photos!

If you have a post with free stock photo downloads, let me know in the comments or through my contact page so I can add it to this list.

Solopreneur Sidekick – 10 free

Wonderlass – 15 free

Market Beautiful – 90 free!

Gold and Berry – several posts with freebies

Shafaq Omair – Free stock updated regularly

Wonderfelle – Free stock every month

Ashley Creates Things (10 Free + 10 Free)

Multicultural/PoC – 8

Finding stock photos featuring a diverse set of people can be really difficult. These websites have set out to change that.

While I welcome additions to this list from any stock website, I’d really love to fill out this section with more sites! Fill free to drop a link through the comments or use my contact form.

Create Her Stock

WoC in Tech

Color Stock

Color U Bold

Blend Images



Mocha Stock

Design Marketplaces – 5

These websites also feature several different types of graphic products in addition to photos.

Creative Market

Photo Dune


The Hungry JPEG

Envato Elements

CC0 Free Stock – 24

These photos are listed on the Creative Commons Zero license I mentioned above. You can use these images in personal or commercial projects, but remember you may want to document your downloading process just in case.



Visual Hunt





Negative Space




Creative Vix




Death to the Stock Photo



Foodie’s Feed

The Light Painter’s Loft



Photos Public Domain

Free with Attribution – 1

picxclicx (or $5 for no attribution on ALL photos)

Royalty Free/Commercial Stock – 15

Your typical, high quality stock photo websites, bringing photos to both businesses and the masses. Sign up for a membership or buy credits to trade for photos.





Adobe Stock Photos





GL Stock Images




500px Marketplace


What to Do with All These Photos

Once you HAVE photos what do you do with them? How do you edit them? How can you fit them into your branding?

If you’ve been counting, you’ve noticed those websites above only account for 84 resources. These next 7 websites will put us just over 90!

These blog posts should be enough to get you started! Happy blogging

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