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5 ways to add your own unique spin to PLR content

March 31, 2022

PLR products shouldn't be used straight out of the box. Here are some tips to help you customize PLR content to fit your brand.

💡 This post contains affiliate links. This means that I’ll receive a bonus or commission when you make a purchase after clicking on a link to one of my recommendations. Don’t worry, this is done at no extra cost to you.

PLR content, or private label rights content, is done-for-you, wholesale content. You purchase it from a PLR supplier, add your branding and personal voice, then publish the content as your own.

Purchasing PLR is cheaper than hiring a ghostwriter and faster than creating the content on your own. Just like how a retail business sources their products from other suppliers, you can do the same with your content.

The only thing that makes PLR products a little bit more difficult to use is that like most other template style resource, multiple people will have access to the exact same product. Fortunately, you have the rights to modify the content any way you like, so you can put your unique spin on it. That’s something no one else will have!

To spark your creativity, let’s look at a few ways you can modify your newly purchased PLR content to make it better fit your brand, your voice, and your audience.

How to customize your PLR content

Come up with different titles

The very first thing you should change is the title. Most PLR has generic titling to help people understand what they’re buying up front, but as a blogger or product creator, you get to change that to fit your intentions and audience.

For example, I could change the name of this product, PRODUCT NAME, to for Content Creators. I can then change the content to better fit the struggles content creators have and how these otherwise generic suggestions can benefit them in that context.

Add a personal story

This is a huge way to change up your PLR content and make it more personal. You’re the only person who has lived your life, so no one person will have the exact same story to share in the exact same way (even if you’re twins!).

Tell people how your new content relates to your life or how it can relate to their life, since you should also have a pretty good idea of who your audience is as well.

Rewrite the content if needed

For those who want to use PLR on their blog or anywhere online in text, you’ll definitely need to rewrite the content you bought. Search engines prefer original content, so posting the exact same thing that someone else might be using as well won’t help you rank up in search results.

You should already know that organic search is a big part of running a profitable website.

When using PLR in other places, like in your email send outs or in products you create that aren’t going to be indexed by search engines, you can get away with only doing some light editing. Make sure the content sounds more like something you would say and includes the right references to your intended audience.

The first time I started working with PLR content, I thought it was going to take me soooo long to rewrite the articles. Really, it only took me about 30 minutes and that included adding in some of my own ideas that I thought of while editing, which actually brings me to the next way to customize your PLR content.

Create additional content

You don’t have to stick strictly to the content provided for you in the original PLR package. You’re welcome to add any additional ideas you come up with while editing the content. In fact, you totally should!

Most PLR is often made up of some short articles around 500 words each. If you’re using these for blog posts, you’ll definitely want to add some more paragraphs to fill it out.

Here are a few things you could add to your PLR content:

  • Examples relevant to your niche or audience
  • Audio or video content
  • Checklists or worksheet downloads
  • Links to other articles on your site
  • Affiliate links

The good thing is, you’ll probably be inspired by what’s already there anyway, so it should be pretty easy to add in some extra ideas. Sometimes I just use the headings from the articles and that gives me ideas for more headings I can add in as well. Then, all I have to do is fill in the rest of the content!

Add or change graphics

A PLR package also usually includes some graphics to help you promote your content on social media or to edit and use as a blog post header, but instead of using these straight out of the box, you can change them up.

Using easy design tools like Canva or Stencil, you can create new graphics without and headaches. You can use the original graphics including in your PLR download as inspiration, but add elements that enforce your own branding or appeal to your target audience.

Add your call to action

PLR may be content you release to support your own, original paid products. In this case, you’ll want to make sure to add a call to action with the next steps you want people to take.

Your CTA will depend on where people are in your funnel. Blog posts could invite people to subscribe, downloads could lead to the purchase of a product.

Ready to get started with PLR?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with done-for-you or PLR content, check out my resources for free PLR.

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