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3 Foolproof Methods to Create Products and Services Your Audience Will Love

May 6, 2022

Guessing what people want is a quick way to fail. Instead, here are 3 ways to research your target market so you can create products that will make sales.

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Every online entrepreneur wants to do one thing: create in-demand products and services. Unfortunately, many of us have a huge lack of confidence in our products.

Sure, you may think that new course or workshop is a great idea, but how do you know it will sell? Will other people in your audience find it as useful as you hope it is?

Imagine spending weeks or even months of time—plus the cost of design, video editing and all the other pieces that go along with it—only to discover it’s not what your audience wants or needs.

How frustrating would that be?

You don’t have to leave it to chance, though. There are plenty of ways to test your idea before spending the time and energy on a full launch.

Below are three methods to research your audience to create in-demand products, services, and even affiliate offers from related creators. These methods will work for both digital and physical products.

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Ask Your Audience

The simplest way to get a feel for what your market needs and wants. Simply ask them!

You can create a survey (with an app like Typeform, Survey Monkey, or Google Forms) and send it out to your mailing list, Facebook page or group, and other social media profiles.

I’ve also had success with adding a survey on my website’s homepage. Just don’t forget to provide a way for those who take your survey to subscribe to your email list. That way you can grow your list with any new people who are looking for help as well.

For best results, keep it short. Getting people to actually start a survey can be hard enough, but the more questions you have, the fewer responses you’ll get. Try not to go over 10 questions. If you can do it in half that, that’s even better.

Don’t forget to ask essential questions such as:

  • What they’re struggling with
  • Their preferred learning method (video, text, audio, etc.)
  • What they feel the training is worth (what would they pay)

These three questions will tell you everything you need to know to create a program that’s practically guaranteed to sell.

Listen to Their Complaints

If you have a community of ideal clients or customers (or are a part of one), pay attention to what people are asking or complaining about the most. These are the things they need help with.

For example, if you’re a business coach and your Facebook group is filled with questions about running Facebook ads or comments on how they’re struggling to achieve the results they know are possible, then clearly there’s a need for some training in that area.

Study Your Competition

Hopefully, you have a list of competitors and you’re reading their blogs and emails, and lurking in their Facebook groups. This is a great way to gain insight into what they’re doing—not to copy them but to discover what’s hot right now.

Consider checking out their paid products as well. Again, you should never copy them, but you can either:

  • Promote them as an affiliate
  • Create a better, more comprehensive version with your own spin
  • Create a lite, lower-cost version (again, with your own spin)

Creating products in a vacuum is a great way to waste a lot of time and money on programs that won’t sell. Instead, pay attention to what your market is asking for, find out what they’re willing to pay, and delve into your competition’s offers.

Create In-Demand Products

The information you gain from these three activities alone will give you incredible insight into your market, show you what they want and need, and make it easy to create your own hot-selling products and services.

Remember to:

  • Ask what people want
  • Listen to problems and complaints
  • Monitor what your competition is doing

These three methods all help you find a need and serve it to the people. Gather your info, and all that's left is to create your amazing product!

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