The best ad networks for new bloggers

For many bloggers, their first experience with blog monetization is through ads. Google AdSense is the most recognized of all the ad networks, but many small pubishers are finding it either difficult to join or are disappointed with their earnings.

Fortunately, there are a lot of different ad networks out there looking to serve ads on all sorts of different websites, even new ones, and they can even result in much better earnings from the ads.

I’m not really much of an ads person myself, but I’ve decided to try it out just to have the experience to share with others. Plus it can never hurt to make a little money, right? ?

But before I show you the ad networks for new bloggers I’ve found, I want to address one thing really quickly that could destroy your earnings from ads.

CAUTION: Do not do this!

I’ve seen a lot of people in various blog traffic threads in Facebook groups asking for clicks on their ads.


It could end up costing you your ads account and any pending earnings you have.

Ad networks do not want you to ask for or incentivise people to click on your ads. These are considered invalid clicks because people don’t actually care what the ad is about, they care about getting that incentive.

So, just a heads up, don’t ask people to click on your ads!

Two ad networks great for new bloggers

Since this website is new, I knew I’d need to find something that a lot of people are looking for: ad networks for new bloggers.

Below are the two best options I found, which works out perfectly because you don’t want 392048920 different ad codes slowing up your site anyway.

Note: These are ad networks for US/UK/Canada bloggers.

Fomo Ads

Fomo is a app that you can add to your website that shows a little popup to visitors that shows when someone has signed up for something on your site. The idea is that when potential subscribers or customers see this popup, it will trigger the fear of missing out (FOMO). They see that other people have signed up, they’ll want to sign up too so they don’t “miss out.”

So what does this have to do with ads?

Well, they’ve done something pretty genius, at least I think so.

They’ve used their popups, little unobtrusive popups at the top or bottom of the screen, to serve up ads. So instead of

Now, I told you how usually I don’t really like to use ads on my blogs, but this tool is what got me thinking maybe I should try some (or at least it’s part of the reason).

Why Fomo Ads is great for new bloggers

Fomo Ads is great for new bloggers because it has no minimum requirements to join or to receive payment.

They also use pay per mille, or PPM, which means for every 1,000 impressions of an ad, you make $2. Fomo mentions that since they use rotating ads, a single page view on your site could result in 3 or more ad impressions, resulting in people actually making $6-10 per 1,000 page views.

Note that ad impressions and site page views are two different things.

You earn money as ads run on your site, so you don’t have to wait until you get 1,000 impressions to start earning. is a pay per click (PPC) ad network, meaning you get paid when people click through the ads. Their ads are also pretty nice looking, too, which I believe is important for getting people to click.

While does have some basic requirements to join the network, if you’re running a regularly updated, English language site with mostly US/UK/Canada traffic coming in already, it should be easy to be approved. Your site also shouldn’t be serving up any illegal content.

Basic stuff.

You can read the full Program Guidelines here.

They don’t mention a minimum for traffic, but after doing some quick research, most bloggers recommend having some amount of traffic coming in before applying.

Bloggers also recommend being at least 6 months old and having plenty of regularly updated content. In 6 months with regular promotion of your content and adding a post every week, your traffic shouldn’t be an issue.

When I last applied and was accepted for, I also had traffic coming in. I was within these guidelines, probably doing about 2-3,000 visits per month in traffic if I remember correctly.

Why is great for new bloggers actively seeks out new bloggers. I’ve had them contact about both my blogs before I was even thinking about ads. Their minimum guidelines are beginner friendly and you also get your own Ads Specialist who will help you optimize your ads so you make the most money.

Can you use more than one ads network at once?

Yes and no. It depends on the ad network.

Some will require you to ONLY use their ads, but those are more high end networks, not these two that I mentioned. Be sure to be aware if you decide to swtich networks in the future.

You can combine AdSense,, and Fomo ads together on one website. I’ve seen it recommended to use AdSense for banner ads on the top or side of your site, and for in-content ads.

Guest posts wanted

Modern Biz Magic is looking for more posts about monetizing content through ads!

If you’d like to write a guest post about different ad networks or making money from ads on other platforms (even and especially outside of blogging), please let me know.

Share your experience

Do you use ads on your website?

Have you had any luck with these or other ad networks?

Let us know in the comments!

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