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That's right! I'm looking at you, you accomplished (or aspiring) content creator, freelancer, coach, or other amazing online business owner.


You're an amazing person with hopes and dreams. Modern Biz Magic wants to help make it possible for you to achieve them.
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You have the power and opportunity to build a life you love by doing what you love. It just takes a bit of knowledge and a lot of work.

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Hi! I'm Stephanie

I’m a graphic designer and 3D artist who has been selling digital products online for over 15 years. I’m excited to share my expertise with you and help you gain the confidence to build a business around your online presence.

So basically...

I like to find stuff online. A lot of what I discover is related to managing, growing, and creating for my online businesses.

I built Modern Biz Magic so I can share the magic I find with you.

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