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7 Ways to Write Better Comments

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A simple “great post” or “good job” is not a great blog or social media comment. You need to write better comments! More often than not, it just makes you look like a spam bot. Not cool! Also not too great for you or your blog if people think you’re a bot. Why should anyone care about paying attention to your content if you can’t be bothered to pay attention to someone else’s?

Genuine comments will get you much farther than commenting on every single blog you see. You might even end up making a new friend or business contact. Here are some ideas for leaving better comments, whether it be on social media or in the content section of someone’s blog.

Use the poster’s name

Starting out with a friendly greeting including the original poster’s name makes your comment more personal. You’re speaking directly to that person. It also proves that you have some sort of familiarity with the blogger, or that you can at least take the time to check out the author metadata. Be sure that you’re spelling the name correctly, as well!

This tip may be a little bit less useful on social media channels, especially on Twitter since you have so few characters to write in. It’s not too big of a deal though because you can replace the actual name with their @ mention. Still, if you can afford the characters to do so, and it doesn’t sound out of place (no need to be like “hey Stephanie, hey Stephanie, hey Stephanie” on every comment), try to use a name.

Comment on something specific from the post

Again, another thing that shows you’re actually paying attention and that you read or really took the time to view the post/photo. The poster is also more likely to reply with a thank you, and even possibly put the effort into checking your stuff out. You might even gain a follow.

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Ask a question

If you have a question, ASK IT! Don’t be too shy or think someone is too busy to deal with answering your question. A question is the best way to get a reply to your comment, and you learn a little bit more about the post’s content as well. You never know who else may have the same question. You might be helping tons of other people who will be reading the post as well.

Present an alternative

Do you have a different way of doing something than suggested by the author? The comment section is a great way to present that idea. Don’t be rude about it, but offer up an alternative suggestion and how that’s helped you. You may end up telling the author about something they didn’t know before, as well as other readers. They may turn to you or your blog for more info.

Again, be nice when mentioning your alternative. People are more likely to listen to your advice if you don’t put down their method of doing things.

Congratulate an achievement

It’s really easy to just say “grats” or something. I’m definitely guilty of this one! But you can turn that “congratulations!” into a conversation if you wish. Ask about how they accomplished a certain goal or if they have any tips that could help you achieve the same result.

Share a similar story

Got a story that parallels the original post? Share it! Show that you can identify with any emotions or experience to build some solidarity. I think this is probably the easiest thing to do on this list because it’s really easy to talk about yourself. Especially for a lot of us bloggers. Just be sure your story connects!

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Sign your comments

Tell people who you are! Use your real first name if you’re comfortable with that. Most commenting platforms allow you to enter your name in a separate field, so enter it there. Of course, you don’t need to sign off when you’re making a social media comment.

You may also choose to drop a link to your blog. If you do this, then make sure your link is to your homepage rather than to a post. You don’t want to seem like you’re just commenting to promote yourself.

Linking to your blog in the comments is a little controversial for some so you might want to be careful where you do this. You may be familiar with a WordPress commenting plugin called CommentLuv. This plugin allows people to link to one of their blog posts when they make comments.

If you want to be sure that you’re welcome to a leave a link to your blog, this is the best way to do it. By using this plugin, you know you have consent from the owner of the blog to leave your links.

Share your ways to write better comments

Got an idea that will improve commenting? Has someone written a great type of comment that you wish you’d see more? Leave your advice in the comments!

This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Bakari

    Very good tips, Stephanie. I often remind my subscribers of how important it is to leave comments on my articles, not to give me praise but to let me know what they find useful, and what they want me to write more about. Bloggers and online publications provide so much free content that it’s important that readers leave comments that are helpful to the writers.

    1. Stephanie

      Yup, you’re absolutely right! Good feedback is so important, whether it’s positive or negative.

  2. Sandy KS

    These are all great tips with comments. I have seen that plug in you mention but wasn’t sure how it worked. Thank you for explaining it.

  3. Debrashoppeno5

    These are great tips. I think bloggers appreciate the feedback. Plus it is so nice to establish a rapport with the readers.

  4. Tasha

    Great tips! One thing that I read awhile back was that where you put your name if you write name@yourblog then it becomes a clickable link that goes straight to your blog. Truthfully, I have done it before but I don’t know if I works or not lol And now I’m taking blogging very very very seriously and I am up in the air about whether or not it is too salesy or promotional

    1. Stephanie

      Hi Tasha, thanks for stopping by! You’re right, that won’t work. What happens if you do that is you create a link to an email address (whether it exists or not). So it will be linked, but if someone clicks it, it will ask for their email client.

      So bottom line, don’t do that! Most comment sections will have a place for you to enter your URL, which means it’s acceptable to leave a link. Some people add a link at the end of their comment as well.

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